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Drive your business forward easily and effectively through managed marketing campaigns that place you in front of over 160 000 global travel agents

Bekoe is a brand-new way of promoting your business. A powerful platform that delivers digital marketing campaigns on your behalf, giving you back the time to focus on managing your business.

Sign up and you’ll instantly gain access to a comprehensive resource that puts you in front of 160,000 agents and delivers the flexibility and agility you need to help propel your business forward.
What makes Bekoe so effective is that the expertise behind the platform, behind the marketing communications and behind your future success comes from the team at APLBC. Hotel and hospitality industry experts who work with many of the world’s leading organisations.
In a highly competitive market, you need increased brand awareness, effective product promotion and access to more agents.

Bekoe simplifies your marketing and amplifies your message.

How bekoe benefits you


boost brand



& trips

Where luxury independent hotels
and corporate, luxury and MICE
agents meet

Bekoe manages, creates, schedules and delivers targeted communications on your behalf leaving you free to concentrate on the other areas of your business that need your time and attention.

Whatever your challenge, from building brand awareness or promoting your product to engaging thousands of travel agents across the globe, we have the right package to effortlessly and effectively help you achieve your goals.

From just 3 months to a longer term relationship, Bekoe can drive your marketing and stimulate growth.

Let Bekoe effortlessly work for you and you’ll be in great company, instantly positioning yourself amongst the world’s finest hotel and managed apartment businesses.

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