APLBC announces partnership with Founder of The Travel Coach Network to drive understanding of Wellness Travel. 

Our sister company APLBC are renowned as a global hotel representation and co-sourcing company that provides sales, integrated marketing and revenue management for independent hotels and managed apartments. Through using their extensive reach to target over 160,000 corporate, MICE, hi-end leisure and entertainment organisations globally, they help partners achieve their objectives by delivering greater brand awareness and positive sales growth.

Constantly paying attention to the global market to make sure we always stay ahead of developments allows us to understand and respond to the changes in direction that will benefit our partners. 

Becoming a vital hub

And today we’re excited to announce the first in a series of new partnerships that enhance and widen the APLBC offering. Something that will see us move beyond a representation company to become a vital hub for our partners. This move will enable more businesses to benefit from more expertise and complimentary services that help them to stay at the forefront of the competitive travel industry. 

One of the most important developments happening now that will influence and shape the future of travel comes not from technology or disruptive new entrants, but from travellers themselves.

Significant shift in direction

Within the last 2-3 years, a significant shift has taken place in traveller behaviour and their demands. And it’s vital to understand that this behaviour change isn’t confined to leisure travel. Business travel is also experiencing the same shift. No longer is it simply about the comforts within a room and the hotel facilities. The needs of travellers are evolving, moving from what they do. or want to do. to how they feel when they travel. 

This much deeper need that’s emerging is centred on wellness travel. Something that ties in directly with where we want to go and what we want to offer our partners. Because understanding what wellness means now, and adapting to how wellness can be integrated into their whole experience, will ensure our partners meet the needs of travellers.

A new partnership

To ensure our partners thrive and grow with us, we’ve come together with one of the leading experts in wellness travel: Sahara Rose De Vore.

Sahara Rose De Vore

Sahara Rose De Vore is an influential Certified Corporate Wellness Travel Coach & Consultant, Founder of The Travel Coach Network.

Having spent over a decade traveling the globe, studying the holistic ways that travel can help improve our mental, physical, spiritual, emotional, and overall wellbeing, she runs a global network of travel coaches, is a global speaker, a published author, and has been seen in over 100+ media outlets including Forbes, Travel Weekly, Skift, Business Insider, Corporate Wellness Magazine & USA Today.

It’s this unrivalled experience and expertise in wellness travel that we wanted to bring into the APLBC offering.

Using Sahara Rose’s expertise, APLBC will help travel professionals, destinations, and hospitality & tourism companies adopt a different approach to providing wellness-centric and transformative experiences that enable them to stand out amongst their competitors. And meet the demands that today’s travellers now want fulfilled.

What is wellness travel?
Wellness travel is centred on a holistic approach to travel that extends far beyond the features and services offered by a property. It’s approach and focus revolve around a property embracing its surroundings to be in complete harmony with it’s environment. In turn helping people fulfil their needs and achieve their desired personal and professional outcomes through intuitive and intentional travel. Wellness travel is about how someone feels.

Designing programs around a unique signature Travel Coach Approach™ framework that helps empower and educate, we’ll guide our travel partners to better understand wellness travel, find their niche to attract their ideal clients, and provide meaningful travel experiences that keep clients coming back for more.

Through a range of wellness webinars, articles & insights and business packages that we’ll announce shortly, our partners will have the opportunity to work with Sahara Rose on a personal level. Together they’ll be able to redefine their current position, implement travel storytelling, and incorporate meaningful and transformative travel into their services and offers.

Start your wellness journey

If you know you need to respond to this significant shift in traveller behaviour to stay ahead of the market, register your interest in one of our upcoming sessions and we’ll let you know about the first one very soon.