It was in October last year we launched bekoe.com. Our online digital marketing platform created specifically to help independent hotels, chains and managed apartments increase their brand awareness, amplify their marketing and drive their revenue.

Placing clients directly in front of over 160,000 global travel agents, bekoe.com creates, delivers, and manages powerful multi-channel digital marketing campaigns, targeted communications, webinars and RFP’s. Plus a whole host of other support features and even representation on their behalf. 

The travel and hospitality market has been an incredibly tough place for the last two years. Luxury independent brands that don’t possess the resources of large groups and who are trying to promote their properties amongst all the competition to secure their share of the leisure, corporate or MICE travel markets face a difficult challenge. 

bekoe.com helps these organisations in a simple, painless and highly effective way. The access we give offers a wonderful opportunity to generate fresh leads and bring in new revenue in a highly competitive market. And by engaging our services to act on their behalf, we also give back to clients that precious commodity – time. With their digital marketing campaigns taken care of, they’re free to devote more of their focus and attention on other areas of their business safe in the knowledge bekoe.com is working hard for them.

With a consultative approach to any new relationship, we help clients determine the best way to maximise what bekoe.com offers and how to incorporate it into their plans. The flexibility and managed servicebekoe.com delivers is proving to be a compelling combination. With a range of packages designed to meet different needs and suit different business models, businesses of all sizes have the ability to simplify their marketing and amplify their message. 

And in just a few short months since the October 2021 launch, it’s been both exciting and revealing to see how the clients that have come on-board and taken advantage of bekoe.com are working with us. We’re finding they quickly understand the potential for us to build dynamic campaigns and roll out specific activity on their behalf that are designed to deliver the right messages, use the right tactics in the right channels and get them in-front of the right target audience. 

All using the skills, expertise and access we bring to help them quickly recover lost ground and build a solid platform from which to grow. 

For some, it’s about using bekoe.com to help extend their social media presence across the globe. Our platform is helping them reach a new audience and engage with them ‘now’ to develop a community around their brand and their properties. 

Others are using a combination of channels including social, email, newsletters and webinars to deliver a constant programme that builds their brand awareness. Or generate leads for sales teams can follow up on.

Yet more are embracing an integrated channel approach, communicating regularly with an incentivised message to promote specific properties, driving both increased occupancy rates and revenue. 

And one client is taking advantage of our industry expertise when it comes to building strong RFP responses whilst offering agent competitions and agent e-learning modules to communicate the benefits of an on-going relationship with them.

This is exactly what we envisaged when we launched bekoe.com: the flexibility, the ability to create agile marketing campaigns that effortlessly generate increased exposure, the embracing of possibilities by our clients, the time they’re claiming back, and the confidence they have moving forward.

All of which makes the future for bekoe.com and for luxury independent hotels and managed apartments incredibly exciting.  

If you’re looking for support to help you meet your objectives, recover and grow in 2022, until the end of March, bekoe.com will be offering a free consultation service to help you identify the right package for you. All you need to do is simply click here to take advantage.